Our large variety of summer and winter service options we can customize a 4 season package to fit your specific needs

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Our residential and commercial weekly mowing program starts as low as $700.  Each visit includes trimming/edging, with attention to detail.  Proper mowing is crucial in maintaining a healthy lawn.  Let our professional team take care of this task for you!
Residential lawn mowing can be ordered online using our summer order form.
For commercial properties, please call 613-599-4392 or email to arrange for a quote.

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Crab Grass Program

Corn gluten meal is a pre-emergent herbicide and a natural source of nitrogen fertilizer that kills the seeds of weeds.  This service is only effective in the spring and works best with an over-seeding done in the fall.

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Turf Builder

Has your lawn been looking tired and worn out? Then you need our Turf Builder program! Turf pros know that fall is the best time to rejuvenate weak and worn-out lawns and our Turf Builder package is just the answer. This program Includes core aeration, mechanical verdict of damaged areas, over-seeding, calcium soil conditioner, and starter fertilizer.

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Insect and Grub Control

We have effective and eco-friendly products that can help combat pesky grubs and bothersome insects. This one-time application will have you back to enjoying your backyard
in no time!

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Asphalt Sealing

What are the benefits of sealing your driveway?

Capital Services uses an oil-based sealant to protect your driveway.  It’s quick drying (within a few hours of being sprayed), durable and long lasting, and will not get sticky or leave tracks during hot weather.
Oil-based sealant repels stains so they do not develop on your driveway.
The application repairs any hairline cracks, and keeps them from spreading or getting any larger.

Single Driveway: $165.00 plus HST
Double Driveway: $230.00 plus HST
Triple Driveway: $285.00 plus HST

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Landscape Construction

Enhance your property value by having custom designed interlock walkways, landings, or patios installed by our professional team. Interlock pavers are strong, durable, and stylish.  Our high-quality pavers are designed to withstand the harsh climate, without sacrificing beauty.

Call 613-599-4392 to request a quote!

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Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Aquatic weeds can become difficult to control when left untreated. Capital’s Aquatic Weed Harvesting can improve your swimming/boating area and overall waterfront appeal.

Bring back the joy back to your cottage with a pristine weed free shoreline.

Call 613-599-4392 to request a quote!

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Lawn Care Programs

Worry-Free 4 Visit Program

Provides all the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy lawn.

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Pro-Golf 6 Visit Program

The best way to a lush, green healthy lawn. Designed to defeat weeds, insects and disease.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: When is the best time to water a lawn?


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Q: Why is top-dress with compost so effective?


Q: How important is it to use mulch in my gardens?


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