Snow Blowing

Have peace of mind knowing your laneway is safe and accessible for you, your family, and friends, 24/7.

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Our snow blowing:

Ottawa's largest fleet of 50+ specially equipped, radio-dispatched John Deere Tractors.

Innovative equipment that reduces noise and fuel consumption by 30%.

Helpful, courteous staff and easy online dispatch tool.

Professionally trained operators serving the same area every year.

Email and text notifications in real time.

Repeat cleanups of city snowbanks for both streets and sidewalks.

Emergency, on demand and prescheduled cleanings.

Walkway shoveling and custom services.

Responsive Facebook page with a 5 star rating.

Yearly maintenance packages and flexible payment options.

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"I have been with this company for the past 4 years. They are awesome.  Each year they go above and beyond to make us happy. I don’t remember how many times the tractor operator came again or waited for me to remove my car.  Customer service is top notch and the prices are the best. They cleared our neighborhood rink today. A classy act"

- Yaakoub (SOHO)


"After coming home from a long shift as an essential worker in a group home, I called capital to see if I could pay for a one time removal as I couldn’t get into my driveway. Not only did they send someone out right away they thanked me for being an essential worker and did the whole driveway at no cost. I am so grateful and will definitely be using them moving forward."

- Aly (Stittsville)


"Capital is amazing for plowing! Always quick and thorough. The drivers are always taking the time to help those who need a hand in the harsh weather even when they aren’t customers. I wouldn’t go with anyone else"

- Susie (Glen Cairn)


"Great customer service, great service and always done on time and in an efficient manner. I never have to worry about my laneway not being done. Its always well kept and cleared even when I don't think it needs to be! Recommend them to anyone in need to snow removal services! Great job and great company!"

- MK (Morgan's Grant)


"This is our first year with Capital and this with the amount of snow accumulation this year thus far... They are Bang On... Best Service Year Ever... Laneway is always done by their very aware and competent drivers. Once those pesky city guys pass, with little care... Bang, Capital comes to address the icy mass wall blocking my driveway. I haven’t had to drive through one snow bank this year... We do love the challenge but our wee SUV’s  thanks thee..."

- Matti (Bridlewood)


"Great service. We  use them every Winter. Price is great and they return after the city plow gives you that wonderful present at end of driveway"

- Jimmy (Kanata Lakes)


Useful Winter Tips


Q: What should you look for when hiring a snow blowing contractor?


Q: Do you give discounts?


Q: How can I tell what kind of laneway I have? What is the difference between a single car or double car laneway? Or a private or shared laneway?


Q: Why is GPS Live View Obsolete?


Q: How will I know when my laneway will be cleared?


Q: Can you still plow my laneway even if it’s gravel?


Q: What are the effects of salt on laneways?


Q: How can damage to laneways be avoided during snow blowing operations?


Q: Will your snow blowers damage my interlock laneway?


Q: What if something is damaged, what is the repair procedure??


Phone: (613)-599-4392

Address: 2051 Huntley Road, Stittsville ON K2S 1B8

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