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Eco Option

While on route, our tractors integrate our ECO Option clients as the city streets get plowed. Save $85 off of the regular price. Not available on main streets and bus routes with multiple city plowings. If you have are unsure if you qualify, please call for more information.

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Friends & 

Happy with our service? Do you have a friend or neighbour looking for a reliable snow service?  We are happy to offer you a $30 new client referral discount for each and every new client signed.

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Seniors, Veterans and Frontline workers

With honour and respect we would like to offer an additional discount of $15 to all our Seniors, Military and Frontline workers just as a thank you for all you have given us.

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Early Bird

Sign up and pay before October 1, 2021, and receive an additional $20 off.

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Swiss technology patented worldwide now available in Canada: EcoIceGrip's traction chips become embedded in hard packed snow and ice to form an effective nonslip surface. Lightweight and buoyant, EcoIceGrip stays on the surface even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Learn more at
$20 including delivery for our clients in Stittsville and Kanata area.


Phone: (613)-599-4392

Address: 2051 Huntley Road, Stittsville ON K2S 1B8

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